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I’ll give you the information and tools you’ll need to set you on course for that healthy life you’ve always dreamed of for you and your family.


I will walk with you each step of the way, providing the encouragement and support you need to make lasting lifestyle changes.


Through equipping, support, and accountability, you’ll see the results you want and know that you and your family have charted a new trajectory towards a healthier future.


Zumbini with Jenny was a wonderful experience for my son and me! At just over two years old, he always seemed to enjoy the fast-paced music and the variety of engaging activities.  Dancing and playing with musical instruments– especially the drums!– were always his favorite parts of class.  Having a copy of the music and materials at home was also a plus; even two years later, he will still ask to listen to them sometimes!  As a mom, I also appreciated that the kids were not only allowed to, but were encouraged to explore in their own way: it meant that every child, whether outgoing or reserved, was able to participate in the way that worked best for them. If you are looking for a fun, energetic program for parents and their young children, I would definitely recommend Zumbini!


Alex and myself really enjoyed the dancing and playing different instruments. The atmosphere was very friendly. It was also a great opportunity to meet other moms. The general experience was really good so we decided to have a Zumbini session for 2nd birthday. Again it was very fun, Jenny is very good at engaging all the children, so everybody had a great time. I highly recommend her Zumbini classes or having her entertaining at your kids’ birthday parties. I cannot wait for her to start a new series of Zumbini lessons…

Soraya G

The instructor, Jenny is a ball of energy and great at getting the kids motivated and moving. I took a 6 week Zumba class myself and was so uncoordinated. This wasn’t a problem at all for the kids because of course it’s all about fun and feeling the music…

Busy Mom

The classes are very active and varied, and are great for the little ones…Each class had a variety of activities-dancing, singing, hand games, musical instruments. It keeps the kids’ interest and guarantees that something fun is happening every second of the class.

Satisfied Zumbini Mom

My kids had a blast at Zumbini. They loved exploring the music and instruments and shaking out their energy with other kids!”


Jenny is an amazing wellness coach! I live in South Florida, so we did our coaching sessions over the phone. They were amazing because she was always so encouraging and motivated me to meet the goals we set. She is extremely professional and used her background as a nurse to educate me on why changing my diet was so important and how it would change how I felt. I left her sessions with more energy than I had had in a long time. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends!

Lilleth B, Associate Attorney

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